Projects and Presentations

Still some of the works are missing. Will update them soon.


Web-Based Document Management System (Sep 2009 – Dec 2009)

  • Designed and developed the User Interface, basic structure and Database modules of the system using Struts 1.3, Apache Tomcat 5 and MySQL server.
  • Developed the Integration and Test Plan for the project.

Reports: SRS, Test Plan and User Guide.

Search Optimization (Jan 2009 – May 2009)

  • Developed a test website to evaluate a novel Search optimization algorithm using C# and SQL Server 2005.

Reports: None Available.

Operating System Exploits on Windows and Linux Platforms (Feb 2009 – Apr 2009)

  • Researched the most typical and recent vulnerabilities in Linux and worked in a team of 4 students to demonstrate and document the project.

Reports: Report and Presentation.

Traffic Analysis of Tor (Sep 2008 – Nov 2008)

  • Designed and implemented a real world man in the middle attack on a test TOR (anonymous) network.
  • Designed and developed a linux kernel module in C to uniquely watermark the network traffic to check the anonymity of the network under attack.

Reports: coming soon!

Identity Based Network Access Cluster (Jan 2007 – Jun 2007)

  • Designed and developed a stateful firewall based on Linux architecture (iptables) and compared it with different firewalls and modified the design by adding more features.
  • Designed and developed the Graphical User Interface of the system using JSP and HTML on Apache Tomcat 5.
  • Researched and programmed the High Availability feature of the system using Linux architecture.

Reports: coming soon!


A Security Meta-Model for Service-oriented Architectures