Quote of the Day!

The day went by in just looking for stuff on internet, none the less accomplished the purpose I set out for, so I am not complaining, though I am getting back to some points in my to-do list which have found their entry in the list on Sunday, but are still unresolved. 😦 Wish I can do more micro management of my time, but well, as I set out to do, I will get the to-do list done any which way before the weekend is over. 🙂 On another front, made a subzi (curry) with a new style for the second time, and it turned out good. So one more recipe added to the arsenal for some nice taste bud enjoyment! 😛 And on that note, here’s the quote for today:

‘A man grows most tired while standing still.’ – Chinese proverb

Move on, do things, get things done.. just don’t stay glued to where you are! 🙂

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