Quote of the Day!

Ah.. A missed Quote of the day! 😦 Never a nice thing. But really, something came up yesterday which was so shocking and surprizing that it took all morning to get things back to normal (basically get done with it). The excitement is still running in my blood. 😛 Let’s see how long the excitement stays. 🙂 By the way, in midst of all this things, I missed to wish all my Malayali, Tamil and Punjabi friends a very happy new year (Alright – Vishu, Puthandu and Vaisakhi – in that order in their local languages – please correct me if I am wrong). As a matter of fact, while researching for this post, I found out that its new year for 8 different cultures spread across 3 different south-east Asian countries. Quite interesting to know that even though our cultures are different in so many aspects, we are still so close to each other! And on that note, here’s the quote for today:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

Small one, but packed with a punch, none the less. Don’t you think so?

One thought on “Quote of the Day!

  1. Meet me in the boxing ring, want to punch you on your face 😛

    Everyone except me wants me to be like them 😛

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