Quote of the Day!

A walk down the canal yesterday, and again you are reminded that even if its a man made structure, how beautiful it can be with canal going into the horizon trying to meet up the sun who is trying to set and give the moon some of its “prime time” on earth. Indeed I wanted to walk back and see the moon in its prime, but it was more than dark before we started back, and well, you don’t want to get mugged in the area where there are no people when you shout out for help. Coming back to the beauty though, I have again started my futile attempts to capture it on mere sensors and memory , of course, digitally – some of them turning up really nice, but still not up to the mark. 🙂 Some of the pictures would shop up in the gallery by the end of the week presumably. 🙂 For now, let’s get on with the quote –

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Don’t keep on thinking too long – act on it and you will discover something. 🙂

One thought on “Quote of the Day!

  1. I know, I should execute my action of beating you for infinite happiness 😀

    walk to canal sounds interesting, reminds me of the very late night visits to Tempe Town Lake i, archu , u and tiger 😀 , lovely days :).

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