Quote of the Day!

Fun times again! 🙂 One thing is certain that once me and Vivek Mukundan start rolling going down the lamest path to humor, there is no denying the fact that any one with a sane enough mind will get irritated – such was the case with Miss Shiny Rajan (and more or less Pranjal Sharma and Himanshi Gulati). 😛 (Huge incoming now – somebody is gonna get a hurt real bad!) 😛 None the less, it would have been much more fun if rest of the Desi Devils would have joined – but well, there is always another time! 🙂 This week has been fairly busy and the last 3 days – Thursday to Saturday are going to be much more busy!

Anyways – getting back to the quote – In respect for the “Pi” day today, I am trying to concentrate on Math:

Life is like Math. If it goes too easy, something is wrong. – Anonymous

Get yourself some troubles! 😛 Go get them! 😛 If nothing works, call me and Vivek together and you will have some “life changing” moments. 😛

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day!

  1. fall-08 ACNS class sometime in sept I guess was the “life changing moment” for me :(. i still regret why, why why why me :(. it is not so easy to beat you .

  2. nobody else cud laugh for the “so-called” jokes tat u guys crack than u urselves….lamest jokes anybody cud come up wit… both of u race for winning the title-“who can come up with d worst lamest joke ever”… duh!!…

  3. but well yeah… without those lame jokes… d dinner wudnt hav been any better… hav a grt tym thou… (apart 4m pushin my patience to a higher level to get over ur lame comments).. 😛

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