Quote of the Day!

And so Saturday is gone too! I tell you, time is playing some games with me and I so do not like’em.  Why can’t it stay a little longer? Wish it would stay and make life happier than it is. Anyways, it is Sunday again and the last day in the “weekend”. I am not even half way through the things I thought I did finish in the weekend and today is going to be quite a busy one, if I have to reach at that level. So to even give my schedule a chance to win over time, I humbly present the quote and than go running to finish my tasks. 😛


“Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
Though we have time and again have been told “jealousy” is a  “lousy” thing, to be great, you have to earn it!

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