Zodiac Sign Friendship Traits

Alright – Disclaimer first – I do not believe in what zodiac/ sun signs have to say about me, but occasionally I do like to read them to make fun of how it completely doesn’t fit into what I am. The below post is something which I have encountered for the first time.

So, I was reading through the “Friendship personalities of sun signs” on Yahoo! and frankly speaking, I thought it was just another astrology speak which would be general and might not even fit the bill for who I am. What I didn’t know was that I was in for a shocker. Before I go into any more details, here is what was written about Gemini’s:


Gemini is one sign that seems tailor-made for friendship. Immensely popular on the social circuit, they swing between playing the dual roles of entertainers and intellectuals. This explains why they have a diverse set of friends – many groups for their many moods. They have two sides, and their friends need to know them well enough to assess the mood they are in. When they are in the mood for some moments of silence, nothing can lure them to a night around town. Similarly, when they are dressed to kill, they will ensure the night has no end. They love hanging out, and if their friends can tune into their wacky frequencies, they will be entertained to the hilt. With a mercurial temperament, Gemini is instantly attracted to intelligent people, and these relationships have the potential of becoming bonds for a lifetime. They are always open to adventures, so they have a different interesting perspective on most things. They are big on communication and would love spending time with someone they can match wits with. Optimistic and outgoing, they can create extraordinarily positive environments and help people see the brighter side of life.

This is the most accurate I have ever seen someone to describe some traits related to me. 😛 Though I would like if you guys can say, does it seem like me after reading through the prose above, OR do I have misconceptions about myself? 😛 😉

(Credits to Yahoo for sharing it – you can find your astrology speak here – http://tinyurl.com/7kop6n3 )

One thought on “Zodiac Sign Friendship Traits

  1. Happens to 100% accurate for you, except one thing is missing – GEMINI folks are monkeys 😀

    Mine is not so true 😦 .

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