Quote of the Day!

Yesterday was a day of surprizes. I was surprized by my sis coming over from San Fran, obviously the Birthday boy got a big huge surprize for his B’day – though not the way we would have imagined – but he none the less was taken aback by the video created for him. 🙂 It made me think how much a bunch of friends can accomplish to make your life great even when you are away from your home and family. 🙂 That bond of love and friendship is beyond any explanation. With that in mind – here’s the quote for today:

“Life’s too short to like someone secretly. Go Ahead… Tell them”

Seems very simple, but if you are around long enough – you know, there are numerous people in this world, who couldn’t gather their courage to muster up those three words. This is for them to go on and tell the world what they feel and what they like. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day!

    • No it doesn’t. But now as you have stated it – it might be one of the things he was taken aback by – or lets just say – I heard him saying – “Oye Sanket – India se.. sahi”. 😛 You were definitely missed man! 😦

  1. What if you hate someone, “Life is too short to hate someone secretly”, so go ahead and tell them” , you know who is someone here ? i guess you know , who will like evil monkey 😛 .

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