Stress Buster

Sometimes things just get overwhelming for you and it frustrates you to your limits. It is natural that a blame game OR anger follows, but sometimes you just end up hurting the other person because of this. It just happened to me today, and however much I tried, it just kept on increasing the frustration. I did not want to spoil my mood – so I started doing what mends my mood instantly – LEGO. Okay, you can laugh that I am not a kid, and that it is just a toy – but it really calms me down. I am so much interested to build the blocks OR connect them that I just forget anything that is going on around me (including obviously the thing that frustrated me). I just put on my headphones and start building LEGO and by the time I am finished – I am back in a very happy mood! Today, I finished up a Technic speed racer (8066) I had in packs from quite a time. You can see its picture below:

What are your ways to bust out stress and just get back to your happy normal state?

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