Quote of the Day!

Its Thursday already, and well, for me, the work is still building up! I hope things slow down in the coming weeks, but for now – as much as I hate it – I am more than “BUSY”. =(  Have to catch with loads of things. The Good thing though is – I am moving to a new Apartment. =) And there are some good news floating around too – A very close friend getting a Job, Too many friends getting married, and well the list can just go on!

Anyways, enough of things on my side – I hope everything is well and good on your side. =)

Here’s the quote for today:

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” – Chinese Proverb

This is dedicated especially to a friend who is going through a lot lately. Wish she gets through it and enjoys life again with the same zeal as before!

Time to get back to work, will send in a quote tomorrow – Until then, Sayonara! =P Smile Always!

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