Quote of the Day

Today is a new beginning! I am finally trying to switch from email chains on Gmail to blogging on my site. There are many reasons to it – but the main is to get less dependent on Gmail. In the recent turns of event, it seems to me that I have become much more dependent on this service – and if it goes down – I will have much to loose!

Too much information – but no information about what this is all about? Well, I send quotes everyday to some of my closest friends, but now I am putting this up on my site – so that everybody can see it – It can solve it purpose beyond me and well.. I will have less emails to write(believe me after a long day at work/ before starting at work, you don’t want to write emails). With this thought in mind – here goes my quote for Today:

“Never blame anyone in Life. Good people give Happiness, Bad people give Experience, Worst people give a lesson, Best people give memories.”

What are your views on the quote? Feedback will be appreciated!Β  =)

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Nice decision of switching over from mail to blogging. Wud take some time for us to get accustomed to this. πŸ™‚

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