The “chivalrous” me!

chivalry (ˈʃɪvəlrɪ) 

n, pl -ries

1. The combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially courage, honour, justice, and a readiness to help the weak

2. Courteous behaviour, especially towards women

1250–1300; Middle English chivalrie  < Anglo-French, Old French chevalerie,  equivalent to chevalier

“Being modest is good, being under-confident OR over-confident, not very mush so” – somebody would have spoken these wonderful words – Or I can put my name in front of it. Whatever the case may be, it is inadvertently true. So me being modest, wanted to share some startling thing with you guys. Okay, I know I am not modest, but who cares – this post is not about being modest – rather it’s about being “chivalrous”.

So focusing on the point – let me introduce myself (as if some of you wouldn’t know me perfectly well – but well – who cares?) as an old school “chivalrous” type of guy. Now I know this kind of quality is not expected out of me, who, leaves no chance at teasing others and has a long track record in making fun of almost anything and everything around him. Not to mention all the nice and beautiful lady and girl – friends (note the hyphen – To make things more clear – I am still SINGLE) who would want me dead and may be even secretly praying to God to do something about me. YES, that’s me for sure, but there is a side to me which also respects the opposite sex. Now, being modest, I would not make praises in my name, but I think I am sufficiently justified with all the people around me for this. And one more thing should be introduced – My love for languages – and to speak them in as perfect way as possible (some of you have surely experienced this irritation from my side, first hand). Rest of the introduction can wait – these are particularly the two qualities which normally land me up in trouble OR would aid in creating a new one, and written below is one of them.

Disclaimer: The words to follow are intended for people to laugh. If you cannot laugh – please mend your mood, come back, read again and laugh.

 Now, I want to let you guys know, how the use of impeccable English can put you in trouble. I was talking with one of my close friend, who I also had a crush on in the past (that was a different time – she is already engaged – so don’t get any ideas). So we were having all the conversation of that time, kind of funny, and she was telling me about the things I used to do for her (now I know you would like to hear all that – but that’s strictly personal and not the point in this blog – as a matter of fact – I still do that for almost all the girls). Part of that conversation was how I used to hold the door for her, and how I would open the car door for her, etc. So I told her, how “chivalrous” I am (almost to the point of raising my collars and saying it). And do you know what reply I get? “Dude, what’s chivalrous? There is no word in English like that. I can’t believe with the level of perfection for language you seek, your English can have a flaw like this.” My world of being praised for chivalry – came to a shattering end listening to this. The best part was that she didn’t believe me for a long time that there is a word like this. We talked, just about this word, for more than half hour and then still she was not completely convinced. That night we were supposed to meet for movie with another friend. So we decided that when we meet we would discuss more about this. So, that night we met with one more friend joining us for dinner and movie. While taking dinner we started again on this topic. As logic would suffice, I asked the other friend to clarify to her that there indeed was a word like “chivalry”. But to my astonishment, she looked at me with shock and awe in her eyes only to say this – “Finally you made a mistake. There is no word like that in English man.” I was just shell – shocked. You can believe one person not knowing about this word, but two person at the same time. It instantly made me think, am I coming from the 1900’s or what? Chivalrous is certainly not a rare word in this century. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to literally show the word to her in an online dictionary to make her believe – talk about me being annoyed. Imagine what I was thinking while all this was going on – “No wonder so many good guys get the boot when they propose girls. The fairer sexes just don’t get the idea of how “chivalrous” we guys are – damn they just don’t know the meaning of it. They just take everything as granted. Poor us, we just do so much for them – and this is what we get?”

Real Disclaimer: This post is not intended to offend anyone – especially the fairer sex. The friends I am talking about in this post have been immensely helpful to me through my thick and thin – I would like to apologize and thank them at the same time to bear with me. For the larger part, I would even say, this was all for just a quick laugh, and so “girls” should not feel offended. If that is the case, I apologize from the bottom of my heart – and make it clear – I had no intent to do so.

2 thoughts on “The “chivalrous” me!

  1. dude, instead of discussing it this much with her..u should have opened the phone nd showed it to her..:P

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