A break from Digital World!

So, I have been thinking from quite a time now.. what if I wasn’t a Computer Engineer.. and didn’t know the computer related things as I do now.. how would my Life change ? Or better say, What would it become ?
These things came in my mind courtesy of seeing the screen everyday for more than 12 hours.. Leaving no time for doing things.. as you can say in this case – physically. And well. .as the old saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.. Nd well.. the digital world.. is taking at least a precious amount of chunk from my time to play physical games – more like table tennis, raquetball, etc.
So I was pondering.. how much more time would I get than if I was not a computer science student.. nd the answer was.. if I am in USA.. well.. not much more.. maybe a couple of hours here and there.. but seriously.. Computers have taken over so many aspects of Life that it is nearly impossible to get them out of equation. Not that it is a bad thing – they do help a lot – and well earn me Moolah.. but where does it all end.. ? Life becomes simpler than before.. but also complicated[1] in its own sense. I think our forefathers had a much better Life than us as they got more time to flex their body and use it to the max. Right now, with computers around, I think we flex and run our brains on full pistons(please ignore the automobile side of me).. while the rest of the body.. just does nothing..
[1] Now talking about the complicated Life I referenced above.. Lemme give a little example.. I am sure all of you have came across this in the past 3-4 years.. after the facebook became much popular.. We all have seen our friends changing their relationship status to “Engaged” OR “Married”. And tell me for sure – how many a times has it come across as a genuine surprise ? It has happened that you were caught unawares.. nd knew nothing about it till you saw in facebook.. And from the looks of it.. Isn’t something very wrong here ? Is this how you would like to know about your friend’s engagement OR marriage ? This is only one of the small things you woud come across.. There are many more things that we see and come across everyday and it has become an integral and inseparable part of our everyday Life.
So I, the illogical and idiotic, came up with an idea to cure my curiosity. And may I say I killed the cat ? I came up with the idea of staying away from the intelligent box (as opposed to the idiot box) for as long as I can after work. Did this one add to the physical experience I wanted to have ? Yes and No. Yes, as I met friends more often – “LIVE” – in person rather than on chats and emails, and No, as I didn’t play as much a single sport in this whole time I was experimenting to stay away from the intelligent box. Sure there were many parameters that posed as a challenge and many more which shaped the way I perceived things out of my irrational experiment – but these were the results I received. It surely felt nice for some time.. but than comes the scary part.. I missed many of NEWS while not being wired to the digital world.. nd sure as hell, that didn’t feel good. It came to my understanding, in a particularly brutal fashion, that we are pretty much dependent on the “digital” side of our Life than we think we are. Many examples to support.. but I think you have already came across already. So, finally, END of EXPERIMENT, I had to leave the fantasy world of not being a Computer Science student (nd I am in no sense a GEEK – if my ways of talking about computers have persuaded you to think so) and come back to the stark reality of being a Software Engineer – The thing I am – and what I am proud of.
Last but not the least – I knew this experiment of mine may not last long.. but however long it did.. I wanted to njoy it and for sure, I did. But sooner or later, I knew that my (small) logical head will devise a better plan to use my hours.. and lo, here I am, again, on my computer, crunching keystrokes like I have never done before, adding more things to my “DIGITAL” Life.

One thought on “A break from Digital World!

  1. hmmm… are “software engineers” so stuck up to their profession that they can express their thoughts about the so called intelligent/idiotic box only through it??its like posting “i don’t like to post on fb” on fb wall…Weird!! a vague self analysis on your career path to realize wat you could have been-its no different from wat you are now… end of the day this is wat you want to be and you are so. i think you could have become a really good dancer :P(sarcasm depends on the perspective of the reader) may be you are not a bad dancer as you think after all… as far as i know most jobs are for 8 hrs in a day…u are so much in love and dedicated to your work that your work extra hours n say u don’t find time?? physical work can be = “Salsa”.. think abt it…lol..:P

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