Roshesh Killer Poem

I have been working on my blog from long time to get done with my first splendid, wonderful year in USA. Alas, I am not getting enough time to do that. Busy schedules..!! 😦  But I came across this new thing while on facebook, when two of my friends added Roshesh’s poem in their status message. Made me remind of the good old’ days watching the series “Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai”. To give you an insight into this Roshesh, one of the funny characters from the series: He’s a complete “Momma’s Boy”, thinks and behaves as if he is talented with many things and last but not the least, he thinks of himself as a poet. Well, that’s one hell of an explosive combination and he surely shocks you when he presents his poems.

So when I came across these “shocking, meaningless and hilarious” poems of Roshesh on my friend’s status message, my little devil mind came up with an idea: Why not write a poem even more better(read as more meaningless) than him. As far as challenges go, my attitude of “Never Say Die !” kicked in.. and finally I came up with it at a pretty unusual time: At my workplace, in midst of all the work, checking my office email. So here I go with it, not boring you with more details:

“Mere inbox mein hazaron emails,

Jaise honeycomb mein hazaron madhumakiyan

Per tera email agar na ho usme to lagta hain,

Jaise banjaar ban gaya ho poora bagicha.”


Comment on it if you liked it, and comment more if you hate it, and even more if it made you laugh..!! I would love to make you people smile, if only just for a moment, so that you can forget all their tensions for that moment. “Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.”

4 thoughts on “Roshesh Killer Poem

  1. Its my pleasure, to discover your talent my friend, " ROSHESH TRIVEDI ". Let me try to discover my unique experience after reading his first poem. It is completely pathetic, ridiculous, senseless. After reading it, it took on my nerves. But it made me laugh just for a second. So i guess, " aapdo roshesh pass thai gayo ". But dude pleasee add some more lines in it so that i can laugh for long. Keep it up.

  2. Did u experience any kind of A "Bhukamp" over der…??? Ahiyan to dharti hali gai., tari aa poem vanchi ne… "SHOCK" is d only word i can use after reading your poem……… Such AMAZING talent is der in u… n hell…!! i didnt know a bit about it until now….. I think your talent is just getting wasted being der, studying computers n what not…. Bahar laav jara tari aa khubi…show it to d world dat u r THE BEST WORST POET ever in this era…!! 😛 N i need to tell u dat, i laughed a lot after reading such a killer poem..?? Afterall.., its not ME if i dun laugh at such stupid things… N its not U, if u dun do such stupid things….. So d credit definitely goes to u for making me n others laugh… Keep it up.. N Good Luck wid ur next one, which is eagerly awaited…. N by d way., u can change d title of ur post… it should be…"CHINMAY’S KILLER POEM"…….. 😛

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