Hugging the way around

Okay, so finally I am sitting down to write down another post for my blog. Again, this is going to be a funny one, keeping in mind the success of the previous post. 🙂 Please give your valuable comments on this post too… so that I can put some more sense into my writing…!!! 🙂

It happens that Desi’s like me coming to U.S face a real big problem when meeting their American equivalent (American born Desi’s – ABD). Its not that they are different from us all, but as it is said in India, they are Hi-Fi. Though I completely disagree with it, I came across a strange incident, which made me feel as if I came from some distant village. It confused me up to such extent that I just froze there and did nothing. It was embarrassing for me and I think also for the person opposite to me. Of course, the disasters always occur with the fairer sex, and so it feels more dreadful. Whenever she is gonna read this post, she is gonna kill me for sure… but than I think its quite a funny experience to share and I guess most of my counterparts would have gone through this when they first met ABD’s !

So it happened that me and one of my good friend over here(of course the ABD) were chatting, when I was at job (I was mostly jobless at my job in those days 🙂 ). It seemed to me that she was low, as she was not talking the ebullient way she always used to. So I asked her what had happened, and she told me that she had a tiff with her Boyfriend and she was not feeling good at all. So I asked her where she was and asked if I can join her for a while. I had a meeting in the next hour as it was Friday(Research meetings I have told about in the previous posts), but I didn’t want her to stay alone and feel bad. She was in MU (ASU guys and gals will know for sure, for others, its a huge canteen ) and so me, the jobless, went to MU to meet her (Don’t tell my supervisor, or she’ll fire me).

She was sitting on a table(actually a chair, but don’t take it literally, you know, English is a very funny language) and was doing something on her laptop. When I came there, she stood up and gave me a hug ! Well, I went completely numb at that time it seems. I didn’t know what to do. Its not that I haven’t had a hug before, but that was always from some relatives and that too, desi’s like me will know, we often don’t hug out there in India ! Before I can do anything, the hug was over and she went back to her laptop, as if nothing had happened. And I was standing there astonished, more like confused, on what had just happened. All my senses were on full alert it seemed and it felt as if somebody had just given me some electric shock. She asked me to grab a seat, and than I realized that I was still standing there as a mannequin and acting all weird. Slowly, as time passed and we talked, I became normal again. She grabbed her lunch and we just talked our way through her lunch.  

Finally, after receiving some comments by me on her eating habits, it was time to leave for me. Even she had to leave and study as her finals were approaching. So, we stood up and I started bidding her good bye. She again came by me and hugged me. Man, I was like paralyzed again, bewildered, and didn’t know what to do ! Again. before I could do anything, the hug was complete and she bid me good bye and went away. I don’t know what I was doing, it seems I just stood there for a while, as if the world around me has stopped. God, I feel she also might have felt odd and I think she would pass me as a weirdo any day. But what can I do, every time she did that it seems as if my mind and body went into some hibernate mode. And I looked like a fool and also behaved like one it seems. I really don’t know what impression I left on her mind, but surely it really made me believe that I should do something about this hug thing, the next time she or even some ABD meets me, I don’t wanna go into the same situation. Anybody who is reading this blog, can you give me some tips regarding it..??? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hugging the way around

  1. hugging is USA ka tradition dear , even i used to feel odd when ppl used hug me in sem1. it will take some time, and you will be fine 🙂

  2. I dont know why r u doing like this? hug is nothing but just a kind of posture. By the way what r u thinking about when she hug you ? take is easy man…

  3. hehehe… well, let me first tell u, i really laughed hard while i was reading d blog…. especially d sentence., "before i can do anything, d hug was over.." i mean, i was wondering, what exactly was going on in your mind while she hugged you…?? sounds as if u really wanted to do something about it…but just couldn’t…. n for the tip thing., well, one thing i can suggest u is that, before anyone else comes upto u n hugs u., u yourself make d first move n hug her or any other ABD…so dat next time u dun get numb, ashtonished, confused, paralysed, bewildered, etc etc…… try it out if it works……n yaa, i couldnt comment on d previous wud say dat dis one’s funnier than dat… neways.., had real fun reading both of them.. hope d next entry wud be soon enough….. 🙂

  4. The most interesting post 😀
    Still laughing hard reading it n visualizing ur expressions, OMG 😀

    n here’s another thing to tease u with, sir 😉

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