Funny things going around

Hi all…

Well this post is going to be funny… And the inspiration is from one of my newest best friend in the US and she is also the person I am talking to meet in this entry…

I guess everybody passes from the thing I m going to write one time or the other in his life. I passed through it in a very weird way and as I can say it was really very funny. Some people who were a part of it might run after me for writing this entry… but I guess I should share this hilarious moment with you all.

It all starts with the thing all the guys always fantasize about:GALS. So I actually came across a girl few months back and we had online chats and all quite often. I knew that a day will come when I had to finally go and meet her. Well I can’t say that she had blown my mind, but I can at least say that I was greatly looking forward to meet her for quite some time. As this was probably my first time that I was meeting a gal whom I actually met online and only had chats on phone, never met physically, I was kind of confused on how to go along with it. So after thinking for a while, I came to the conclusion that let me ask to some of my friends in the fairer sex to help me out. I asked 2-3 from them to guide me along this path.

Now actually starts the funny thing. They were all eager to help me out, but they also told me that I should never ask a gal about how to approach another gal. Now, I didn’t get any idea of the above statement at that point of time, but today I really feel that what they told was correct. I still don’t understand what is wrong with it, but after coming across certain experiences on this part, I can rightfully say that don’t ask them to help you out with some other gal, unless you are sure that she is not going to mind it. The best bet I can give you is, always ask this question to somebody who you know is committed already. In that way you will not have to think about all the jealousy that ranges in between gals and so you can concentrate on your important stuff about meeting the gal.

Now finally after getting to the right gals, the training starts. I am being told by one of them that what all matters when you are first going to meet a gal. I just kept on hearing to the long list of stuff that she mentioned and was astonished about the things mentioned. Some things really made me ask her that “what…!!! Do you look at this thing too.. come on give me a break.” I dunno what is the truth and what is not, but let me mention some of the things that she said: She told me that a gal will judge you only in matter of seconds when she meets you and she will understand your intentions( the point was not to stare at her)… now this is a scary part… so I just asked her that what will she base her judgement on… nd she was like that its based on how you talk and how you dress, how you look as a whole, what image is radiated when you are meeting her, etc etc.. and she went on many other things… now looking at this list.. we can be sure for the clothes and talking part.. but what about the other stuff.. I mean Image… how on earth am I gonna control my image…??? she doesn’t even have any image for me.. so how do I go about it…??? So she tells me all the complicated stuff about how to behave with a gal, how should be my body language, what things should I talk about to her, and what not. God, I am like.. I am just going to meet her for a while… Can’t there me anything like a nice little chat on a topic that we both are interested in talking ? Why the hell go to the heights of keeping in mind about body language and what to speak and what not to ? Seriously if I do something like that, I will seem utterly nervous.. I have a bad habit of forgetting things… which will make me feel insecure in company of that gal. Now you really don’t wanna do it right. But alas, she gave me that look that “You are the one asking for help and not me.. I am the master over here and you are a student.” So finally after going over those points again and again, I finally was able to assure her that I can do it. The other gals whom I talked to help me also mostly went through the same stuff. Seems as if they have a code of conduct or some rules set up for judging a guy when meeting him for the first time.

So after getting some idea of how to present myself to this gal I was gonna meet, I was little relieved on the part that I at least knew something about it, but mostly I was also panicked at the fact that I am gonna get scrutinized on every aspect, which would not be the case even in a job interview. Seriously, I was so much panicked that I thought that giving a job interview was a better idea rather than meeting a gal for the first time. I started thinking about this stuff more and more and made my life more and more worse.

Finally, the rightful day arrived. And as it is written in my fate, a big blunder was on its way as a gift to me. How can this day be devoid of some blunder ? After all whenever something that matters you the most is bound to be followed by some hiccups. So, I woke up this fine day, got ready for lecture, and I dunno why I hadn’t had job on that day, but I actually dressed up in some flashy clothes( as mentioned by the gals who trained me… I still don’t consider them flashy). It was a black tee with something written about rock music and a pair of jeans. Everything was fine until I received a call from this gal, saying that she was going to be at the campus till evening.. and so if possible than we can meet in the evening. now I got this call at around 3:30 PM just before my class started and she was gonna be there till 5:30 PM.. just giving me enough time to make it to the place she was gonna be at… so there was no point about changing clothes nd thn meeting her… And worst of all, I even hadn’t shaved in years( that was what being told to me, even though I made them a point that it had only been one week). Two of the biggest points that they(gals who trained me) emphasized were already in jeopardy… and I didn’t know what more can go wrong. I somehow managed to get through the lecture and than finally when I was leaving to see her, I started thinking about what to talk with her ? It wasn’t that I was going to talk with her for the first time.. but the anticipation and frustration made my mind numb enough not to understand this fact. Finally, with a fearful mind, I started towards the building we had decided to meet.

On my arrival, I called her that I was in the building and inquired where was she. She told me that she would be downstairs in a while. I focused my view on the staircase and started watching.. rather scanning people to see if she arrived or not. I had actually seen her in pics.. nd knew that she would be easy to recognize… but I was skeptical on my part… that she would be able to recognize me or not ? Finally she came down the stairs, and I was actually staring at her (making sure that she was the one… nd well to tell you all the truth… she is damn beautiful… makes you feel to stare her the whole day). She gave me that confused look about recognizing me and also making sure that I was not staring at someone else. She came down to me and forwarded her hand for a handshake, accompanied by the words “Hi… I am xxxxxxx, you must be Chinmay.. right ???”. I was so much lost in her beauty that I dunno what she had said… but I gave a handshake and said “yeah I am Chinmay..” She started the next conversation so comfortably… and than we just started talking about all the different stuffs. I can tell you all, the conversation never went as I was actually trained to make it go, but really that gal was so much comfortable and enthusiastic to talk with me that I felt we knew each other for quite some time. For the sake of the meeting, she was in hurry that day, so we only met for about 20 minutes, but that 20 minutes were a real pleasure. Nothing went according to what was planned for, which made me think that did she judge me on any part at all or was it just my paranoia that made me ask the gals to help me out with the meeting stuff ?

I still don’t know what is the answer to the above question and I still haven’t asked the gal that after meeting me for the first time what did she think about me ? I think she is probably gonna laugh like hell, after reading this post. And I hope you all will enjoy this post too and laugh on the ignorant side of me.

Important Note: This post was intended just to make ppl laugh and nothing more. It is based on my true story though I have changed it a bit. I really appreciate the help of all the gals that helped me, despite the fact that I make fun of them in this post. If it wouldn’t have been them than I dunno what more trouble I have had been. I apologize to you all if you feel offended by any of the things mentioned above. Enjoy the Post.. and I hope its a good one.

5 thoughts on “Funny things going around

  1. Many guys keep saying that there is a scarcity of beautiful girls in tempe…as u know guys go on looks…so if you found someone good looking ;)..that is good for u…..all the best!!!!!!!!

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