Thoughts in some previous weeks..!!!

Its been a while, since I wanted to write something down. I have been frustrated like hell to tell things to someone, but seriously, haven’t had time to tell it to anyone.So let the story begin. Its the week just before spring break, Friday is the day. I get a mail from my professor, that he is out of town, and so he asks to meet me on Monday, and if possible on Tuesday too(loads of work to complete in spring break, as holidays are there and he wanted to catch up. He was like meet me everyday in spring break if possible). I was so happy, in fact overjoyed by the fact that I will have 3 days to enjoy, after such a long time, as I was always overloaded with work. For the first two days, all went well. I enjoyed with my roomies and some other friends. But than the dreadful day had to come. How can Life move on without Tragedy ? Well it had to occur and it occurred reminding of the great words spoken by Mr. Murphy, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". On Sunday, my roomies started planning for a trip to Grand Canyon. And I was like, Oh Boy, I had meetings on both the days. God, I missed such a good opportunity to be with them and have fun. All day along, it felt so bad to say no to them. And I am really bad at saying No. I hate to say that word. It makes me feel bad, that someone is counting on you and you can’t live up to their expectations. Even though things were really not in my hands, I have never lost this feelings in years. It feels so much bad to tell no to your roomies. And well something else was going too on the back of my mind, though its not appropriate to mention it here. Finally it turned to Monday and my roomies went away for the trip ! I wished them "Bon Voyage" and went back to work. But as I have learnt from the past, "An Idle mind is a Devil’s workshop" and well I wasn’t able to concentrate much on my studies or even on my research. I don’t know why, but it always happens with me. When I am alone, all the memories come in my mind.. like flashback of all the events that have happened in life.. and most of the times they are bad memories.. not good ones at all.. the ones I would like to forget at any costs. But they r like unwipeable from my memory. Sometimes I so much feel that it would be so nice if we have had the option of shift-delete for the memories in our mind. I literally crave for it, but I know that is no going to happen. Finally it took me to such a bad phase that I don’t have words to express.. its like I completely lost it and was feeling so low.. and I have never felt this low before. Well finally I saw the time(and I thank God that I see it) and got ready for the meeting. I went to the professor’s office and we sat in the conference room as we used before. I had just started and he received a call from someone and had to rush out. He was like can we continue it tomorrow ? And I was like as if I had a choice. He went away and I felt bad again for not going with my roomies. They had so much suggested me that mail the professor that you will show up on Wednesday ! I so much wanted to do that at that moment. Anyways finally I went back home, hoping I will have some decent sleep and than will watch some movie in the evening. But the idea turned in on me, and I went again into the flashbacks ! Finally a dear friend called up and she knew it from the minute I talked with her that something was wrong with me. She literally forced me to go out with her, and as she is a PhD student I knew it would be so hard for her to take out some free time and still she insisted to waste that precious time with me. We went out and suddenly decided to go to Udipi Cafe. It turned out we forgot the path and even though we were so near to it, we only reached there after roaming around for 20 minutes. Slowly I started to feel good and than we had ll the fun in evening- teasing each other, doing nautanki and what not. The day went away like snap afterwards and I so much thank the girl who made the day so god for me.

Well Tuesday was much hectic day, had a marathon meeting and was piled up with loads of work and well I was in the college all day long. So not much to write about it, just the usual hectic and boring day. Well my roomies also returned at night and I heard stories of their adventures. In comes wednesday and the same story continues, work work and work. God I thought that day, why on the earth did we have spring break ? Was it to enjoy the week or to be dreaded into work as all the professors thought it was holidays and you can do more work ? All day I worked quite a bit and had a breakthrough with 2-3 things on which I was working quite long, so as an whole the day was little inspiring as I was able to move ahead with the research project. But, "Good things in life don’t live long" right, and how can it be in my case where the murphy’s law has taken precedence over all the other things. In comes Thursday with a whirlwind or you can call an earthquake, shattering all the god I had done in the last 24 hours. I was installing some new softwares that my professor had suggested which would aid me to do the TAing stuff more easily. Turns out that the software cashed during the installation, God knows for what reason, and it took with it all the previous versions of that software, making them unusable. God it was horrible. And I don’t know but for some weird reason it also rendered the data unusable which I had made with those softwares. I made all the attempts to repair it, but all in vain. Finally I had to uninstall them and had to install a fresh copy of those softwares, which as u all know, is one hell of a tiresome job. I worked late night, till 4 in the morning, till I finally put the last software to install and went to sleep. On Friday, I also realized one more thing.. Guess what ? I didn’t take the backup of the work of tht week. Cause I always used to do it weekly. Doomed again. Had to sit over and redo all the work I had done in tht week and how to forget about the lovable assignments. Well the whole weekend went off doing all those things and as U would have idea by now, the SPRING BREAK ws a total disaster in it.

More continued in next entry…. God knows when I will write it.

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